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Clean up Jakarta with Trash Hero Community

By Eskanisa R

20 December 2019

Clean up Jakarta with Trash Hero Jakarta.

Founded in early 2018, this community which under Trash Hero Switzerland invites all people to pay attention to dispose of litter properly, hang on to litter until they find a garbage receptacle.

Trash Hero Jakarta routinely collects litter every Car Free Day (CFD). They aim to increase public awareness who visiting CFD to hang on to litter until they find nearest recycling bin. If they find any kind of litter on the road, they willingly pick it up and put in its place. Trash Hero Jakarta actually has different route every CFD.

They are able to collect dozens of bags of litter that will be separated based on its types, inorganics and organics ones and put them into nearest garbage receptacle in CFD area. They are also give separate used plastic bottles to waste pickers.

Simply click here to be part of clean up team of Trash Hero Jakarta. Make sure you invites all family and friends, do not forget to bring your own tumblr and gloves during clean up session!

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