Unusual Cleaning Tips for 7 Parts of Your House

Unusual Cleaning Tips for 7 Parts of Your House


Sweeping and mopping every corner of the room turns out to be not so effective to make it bright and far from germs. These are the effective ways to clean every corners of your house.

1. Kitchen
Kitchen has many tools and utilities which sometimes missing our attention. The food sometimes still remains on the tools. For example, the food remaining in blender. The easiest way to clean blender is putting warm soap water into it, then press the highest power button of the blender. For the eating tools made of iron or copper, you can brighten them by rubbing it with a mixture of lemon and baking soda. For stovetop and pan, you can use hydrogen peroxide and dish soap to clean it. For glassware like glass, plates, and vase, you can use hydrogen peroxide. But for glassware with white color like coffee cups, use salt to remove the stain. And for the sink, you can use baking soda to smooth the sinkhole. Putting the washing sponge in a turned on microwave can get rid of germs stick on it.

2. Bedroom
If you use curtains for bedroom, particles of dust can pile up there without you realize. You can use socks on your hand as a mop to clean the dust. For the bed, you can use vacuum cleaner to take out the invisible dust. And for a stain in bedsheet, try to keep some of your vodka and rub it to the stain.

Don’t forget to frequently wash your pillow once every 6 months. To make it easier, put your pillow into your washing machine and wash it as if you wash clothes. This also works for blankets. Dry the blankets once a week in an open air to reduce undesirable smell.

3. Living Room
Living room can be the most important spot to represent your house. This is where the guest and family gather around to share stories and do many activities. That’s why you have to be super detail of cleaning this room. First, to the chair and couch part. Thick furniture made of leather can be cleaned with a mixture of vinegar, olive oil, and lemon. For the stain in carpets can be cleaned with a mixture of soda water, dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide. Don’t forget that a vacuum cleaner can clean all of the dust in your rooms. Empty the dust in vacuum cleaner by opening the machine, then remove the dust from the vacuum cleaner dustbin. Brush the filter and the hose. But if you still use manual broomstick, you have to change the brush once every two months, based on what kind of brush it is.

4. Working Room
A working room may have so many electronics and gadgets, such as computer. You can clean the screen using a tablecloth dropped with a drip of vinegar and water. Keyboards can be cleaned by tapping a Scotch tape to the dusty part, or using a dust vacuum machine for keyboard. If you like working using earbud, beware of the germs in it. Clean it with warm water and soap by just rubbing it without dip it inside.

5. Bathroom
The list of bathroom floor can leave dangerous germs and fungus. Clean it with bleaching solution. For the sink, use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Also for the shower, toilet, and sink. If you add salt to this mixture, you can use it to clean shabby towels.

6. Cleaning Room
Do you use washing machine? Don’t assume it’s always clean. Because actually the inside part of washing machine needs to be cleaned. Especially if it’s made from iron. So, how do you clean your washing machine? You can clean the rusty part with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

7. Ironing Machine
You may think that it’s no need to clean an ironing machine. No, you are wrong. The iron part of the ironing machine needs to be cleaned. You can use a pinch of salt, scatter it on a baking sheet, and stick the iron on it.