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Clickbait, Necessary or Not?

By Eskanisa R

04 February 2019

Create good clickbait to provide quality content for readers.

Just like the door, that reader will through before reading an article way further, the selection of title is important thing to note. Some content creators take a shortcut such as make article with clickbait title.

Along with the time, reader getting smarter, then clickbait title is no longer effective, it just ‘inviting’ people to read the title with no further action (read the whole article). Ambiguous title is proven to provoke readers to click the article, but right after reader know that content are not as much as they expected or even have no correlation with the title, the author’s credibility as well as company are questionable.

Clickbait can be used to support interesting content, it can be your successful or failure one. Instead of using clickbait, you can try to make more persuasive title with relevant content. You can also use simple formula to create ‘clickbait’, such as description + object + result. For example, Doing Plastic Surgery, This Korean Artist Changes, followed by content related to the artist, it can be before and after surgery photos, hospital or clinic name where plastic surgery happen and his or her career improvement right after the plastic surgery.

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