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One Step Closer to Broadway with Jakarta Performing Arts Community

By Nadia Latief

04 January 2016

One Step Closer to Broadway with Jakarta Performing Arts Community

Have you ever had a dream about becoming a Broadway star? Or do you like performing arts like drama, singing, or improvising? Jakarta Performing Arts Community (PAC) can be your place to express your hobby. Jakarta PAC is a non-profit community in Jakarta that has vision and mission to show and support arts in any kind of form.

Started from a group of young people who loves theatre, the first show that held by this community was joined by 40 people as the actors with many experiences in art, comedy, and others. Mostly, Jakarta PAC’s show has Broadway’s identical style, like Burlesque.

Now, Jakarta PAC is auditioning for their musical show “Broadway Ke Java 2016”. If you are interested, you can register for the audition that will be held on January 17, 2016, on this website (

If you need an art performer, you can also invite Jakarta PAC that has singer, dancer, actor and actress, musician, and comedian that can be invited for a private or company event. Have some fun with performing arts through this community!

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