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Cold Moo, a Paradise for Dessert Lovers

By Isny Dewi R

17 January 2020

Cold Moo serves a variety of ice cream, cookies and pudding made using premium ingredients.

Are you a fan of ice cream, pudding and cookies? Then you must come to Cold Moo, located on Jalan Dharmawangsa 6 in South Jakarta. Because here you’ll be spoiled with the delicacy of ice cream, cookies, and pudding which are also become Jakartans favorites.

This cafe owned by Nick Gunawan and Ali Gonzales offers delicious dessert that is made using premium ingredients, so it produces a taste and texture that is different from dessert in other places.

As we mentioned above, Cold Moo serves a variety of ice cream, cookies and pudding. The variants they have are not many, but still worth a try. The menu offered by this dessert cafe also has unique names. The names reflect the mixture of ingredients they use.

For ice cream, variants served include Cookie D'Oh which uses raw chocolate chip cookie dough; Special K with a combination of strawberries, and corn flakes; Berry-O, with a mixture of strawberries and Oreos; Coco Dino with a combination of coco pops and topped Milo powder; and Banana Krisps which uses a mixture of bananas and rice krispies. Per cup of Cold Moo ice cream is priced at Rp 40,000.

Photo credit: Instagram @coldmoojkt

If you still want to taste another menu, you can choose their cookies that comes with two variants, Choco Chip Cookies and Cookies N Creme Cookies. Both are priced at only Rp. 20,000. The cookies offered are wrapped in white paper that reads Cold Moo Bakeshop. The size of the cookies is quite big and brown. The texture is crispy and the sweetness is just right, perfectas your coffee companion.

There is also Fudgy Brownies (Rp 25,000) which is perfect for chocolate lovers. Another snack that is also best seller menu in Cold Moo is Regal Banana Cream Pudding (Rp 30,000). This pudding is served in a white cup. The texture is soft and creamy. This dessert consists of several layers of cream, banana slices, and Regal biscuits, producing a soft and medium sweet taste. It will make you happy after eating it.

Top photo credit: Instagram @coldmoojkt

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Cold Moo
Jl. Dharmawangsa 6, No. 20, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Open Hours:

Wed – Sun: 09.00 – 21.00 WIB

More Information:


Phone: 0813-8677-7661