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Color Your Home with Cana Unique Living

Color Your Home with Cana Unique Living

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When you are strolling around AEON Mall BSD, precisely on the third floor near the cinema, this store will likely catch your attention. Cana Unique Living let their knick-knacks can be seen from outside the store. No wonder this store attracts a lot of the mall’s visitors to go inside. Well, if you want to find new colors for your house, you can visit this store.

From decorations, paintings, knick-knacks, chairs, table, plant decoration, mirror, and many other stuff with various styles. Name it bohemian, Indian, Mexican, English, American, to traditional Javanese! At a glance, this store might remind you with the stores in Bali because of the unique and colorful stuff. Yes, you will find a lot of stuff here, that’s why you should see the stuff one by one. The more you explore, the more unique stuff you can find. The price is also affordable! Curious? Just visit Cana Unique Living and look for the most unique stuff you like to buy!


AEON Mall BSD City, 3rd Floor Unit 331, Jl. BSD Raya Utama, Tangerang, Indonesia



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