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Coming Soon Defontein Menteng, a Colonial-style Luxury Apartment

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05, November 2019

Pikko Group and Wijaya Wisesa Group through PT Bangun Inti Artha developing the Defontein apartment located on Jalan Raya Menteng in Central Jakarta. The Menteng area has been known for its mansions designed in colonial-style, to adjust the nuance, Defontein is also developed with a colonial-style design.

The number of houses in this apartment is very limited, only 110 units. Even so, Defontein is equipped with a private elevator, which makes it so exclusive for the high end. The types of units offered include two bedrooms with an area of 87–114 square meter and three bedrooms covering an area of 141–148 square meter. According to and the second week of October 2019, Defontein apartment units are offered at a price range of Rp50-60 million / square meter. It’s not stated when the apartment begin to be opened and handed over.

As seen in the show unit, Defontein offers a classic colonial-style residence with a modern twist, referring to the history of Menteng as a heritage area from the colonial era. There are two design themes in this luxury apartment unit, a modern classic in 3 bedroom units that appears from the predominance of white, enriched with distinctive decoration profile on the walls and pillars. And contemporary modern in 2 bedroom units with a touch of profile on the wall accompanied by reduction in white dominance.

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The floors and parts of the walls at Defontein are covered in sparkling white Carrara marble from Italy, in order to reinforce the impression of classy, luxurious, prestigious, but still comfortable for the residents. The impression of luxury is increasingly scattered with the lighting of chandeliers supported by furniture made from wood materials with simple symmetrical designs.

Defontein also features many premium facilities to improve the quality of its residents life such as The Gentleman's Lounge, Garden Pool, The Cabana, Infinity Pool, Gym, Jacuzzi, to Wellness Deck. The developer provides these facilities to ensure Defontein Menteng residents have the best time of their lives.



Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.