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Common Myths and Facts on Periods You Need to Know

By Eskanisa R

16 December 2020

Misguided myths that women have to think twice.

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In many places, it’s common for women believe period myths including some foods and drinks may be prohibited during period. Myth or fact?
Spicy Food
Many women believe to not eat spicy foods during their periods. Beta Sindiana, S.gz on explained it’s common condition of stomach in which a person tends to have cramp during period. Then, spicy foods sometimes for some people with chronic stomact just discomforting hence cause of painful mentrual periods. Besides, eating spicy foods can speed up movement in the intestine which the irritation effect can be immediately felt.
Cold Water
Many women also believe drinking cold water makes a period stop. Is it just a myth of fact? explained drinking cold water has no negative impact on menstrual cycle. The regulation of body temperature ensure drink temperature is adjusted properly while entering the body.
Salty Foods
Sodium-rich foods make your period heavier? During period, hormonal changes that may increase gas and cause bloating. Eating sodium-rich foods make your body holds onto fluids and make you feel bloated. Hence, to reduce period bloating, you should avoid eating too much salt to help reduce the fluid your body stores.
Consuming soda can make stomach hurts while on period? Soda, caffeinated drink which has refined sugar cause bloating and make your cramps worse. explained caffeine causes your blood vessels to narrow and leads to cramps. On the other side, refined sugar leads inflammation in different parts of digestive tract and could be a cause of your abdominal pains during period.
Does alcohol raise the risk of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)? explained the excessive alcohol use is surely culprit behind a worse hangover. Some people experience low blood sugar level will find this alcohol causing fatigue, headache, increased sensitivity as rapid drop of your blood sugar after drink.

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