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Community for Drone Aviators

By Eskanisa R

31 May 2019

APDI, official community for drone aviators in Indonesia.

In recent years, drones have been in great demand to use in daily activities, both profession and hobby. However, do you know there is a drone laws, so you need to use them cautiously? Minister of Transportation of Republic Indonesia published a regulation (PM 90) in 2015 concerning control of operation of unmanned aircraft (drone) in Indonesia. APDI was born through that regulation.


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APDI or Indonesian Drone Pilot Association is the first drone community under legal law in 2015. APDI invites drone pilots to fly their aircraft safely and responsibly. To engage more people in Indonesia, APDI has arrays of interesting activities, including sharing session to take mesmerizing photos and videos with drones.


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For those who already join to this community should take their certification exam. It aims to improve quality as well as safety of pilots and promoting Indonesian tourism worldwide. Membership of APDI consists of three categories, members (join and follow APDI social media, mailing list and group discussion), full members (trained, have certificate and wing fly) and honorary members (mentors). Are you interested to join with APDI? Click here to find out more information about APDI.


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