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Consider These Things Before Invest in Gold

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25, November 2019

Until now, gold investment is still in great demand, because the resale value is higher than other investments such as stock and deposit. In addition, the value of gold is also relatively stable despite inflation being hit. So no wonder many people prefer to invest their money in gold sector. 

At least, there are two types of gold that people commonly buy, gold jewelry and gold bars. Then what distinguishes the two types of gold as an investment? According to economist Indef Bhima Yudhistira, gold jewelery tends not to be very profitable for investment because the results will be deducted by manufacturing costs.

Another case with gold bars whose value tends to be stable for a long time. According to Bhima, there are some things that people need to pay attention to if they want to invest in gold. What are those? Here goes the review!

1. Purpose
For example, if you want high returns, gold must be stored for a long time. Or you want to have investment that is not eroded by inflation, even though you already have other investment instrument such as stocks. Bima said, what must be known first before investing in gold is what is the purpose? If the goal is to invest without being affected by inflation so the price is stable, then gold is the right investment choice.

2. Credibility
When you want to invest in gold, you must prioritize the credibility of the gold-making company, so you will not be fooled by fake gold or fake certificate that will keep you not get a return, but instead will result in a loss. You have to find out how the gold company's track record. Choose a big company with good performance, which is more trustworthy.

3. Distribution
If you choose to buy gold online, then you must find a trusted distributor. But if you buy gold directly at a gold store, look for gold shops that are already registered. Bhima also recommends the best gold bars for investment are 10 gram and 25 gram. In addition to liquid investment types, gold size is easy to resell

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