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Consider These Things Before Signing an Employment Contract

Consider These Things Before Signing an Employment Contract


For you who have a dream to work in a company, don’t be so rush to agree with the offering contract. To avoid your regret in the future, consider these things before you sign the contract:

1. The Job Detail
Do a recheck. Does the job that you will do suit the job description written on the vacancy before? Make sure the job suits your skill and expectation. If you feel like having more qualification than the job description, it can be a ‘weapon’ when it comes to a discussion of pay hike. If you are sure about it, then you are allowed to sign the contract.

2. The Working Benefit
Each company surely offers some benefits that the employee can get. Read carefully of what benefits you can get for yourself. If you find a description that is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask the company.

3. Working Time Balance
You don’t have to always dedicate your time for your company. Don’t forget that you also have another life besides your job, such as family, social life, or your other side jobs. Make sure you can divide your time in balance and nothing’s overlap.

4. Work Termination
Work termination can be happened by two sides, which are the employee side and company side (firing). Consider carefully if there is a penalty or sanction if the work termination is asked by the employee side, and if the sanction harms you. Learn also the things that can trigger employee firing so you can avoid it.

5. Relationship After Resign
There are companies that limit the former employees to work on other company with same field, or the company’s rivals with publishing a noncompetitive clause for a certain period. You have to notice if this thing can affect you, or if you have to be jobless for a certain period because of this deal.