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Convenient Tips to Visit Jakarta Fair

By Isny Dewi R

14 June 2019

Tips for visiting Jakarta Fair Kemayoran.

Jakarta Fair Kemayoran has been opened since 22 May to 30 June. The biggest multi-product trade show in Southeast Asia can be an option to fill your holiday. But before coming to the event, it's a good idea to read these tips to be comfortable when exploring thousands of booths that also enliven Jakarta Fair Kemayoran.

1. Take Public Transportation
Although the parking area at Jakarta Fair Kemayoran is quite extensive, but if visitors who come in very crowded, the parking area will be full. Not only that, the street to the parking area is also jammed. The best solution is to take public transportation, such as Transjakarta to Jakarta Fair Kemayoran. You can ride from Monas, Kampung Melayu, and Pulo Gadung stops. Another option is to take the commuter line and get off at Rajawali station, then continue using online transportation.

2. Use Digital Money App
This year, Jakarta Fair Kemayoran works with one of the digital money application. Visitors who use it will get a 50% ticket discount, with a maximum of Rp 20.000. This promo is quite helpful, because on Friday to Sunday and National holidays tickets to entering Jakarta Fair Kemayoran is priced at Rp 40.000 per person. Not only that, many booths will also give you discounts if you use the digital money application.

3. Use Wara Wiri Car
If you don't want to be exhausted, you can use Wara-Wiri car available at Jakarta Fair Kemayoran. Tickets can be purchased at the counters at certain points. The ticket price for Wara-Wiri car for one way is Rp 6.000, while for round-trip is only Rp 10.000.

4. Find out the Entertainment Schedule
Every year, Jakarta Fair Kemayoran also organizes entertainment events from carnivals, to music concerts present well-known Indonesian musicians. To view the entertainment schedule, you can see on Jakarta Fair Kemayoran website or on Instagram @jakartafairid.

5. Don't Bring Lots of Stuff
Especially for those who plan to bring children, Jakarta Fair Kemayoran arena is not kid friendly when visitors are very crowded, especially if you using a baby carriage. Carrying your child is the right choice so your children will not lost or hit by other visitors. For that, try not to carry a lot of stuff, assuming your stuff will increase after shopping at Jakarta Fair Kemayoran, plus you also have to take care of your child.

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