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Coworking Space, Grocery and Cafe in One Place

By Isny Dewi R

15 July 2020

Alfa X is a combination of coworking space, hangout place, as well as grocery.

Photo source: Instagram
You may already be familiar with Alfamart mini market. But did you know that Alfamart apparently has coworking space that anyone can rent? Yes, since the end of last year, PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk (AMRT) opened creative space named Alfa X, which is perfect for active and creative young people.
Alfa X is a combination of coworking space, hangout place, as well as grocery. For now, there are only three Alfa X stores, Alfa X S Parman Grogol, Alfa X Arjuna Kebon Jeruk, and Alfa X Akses UI Depok. Considering its location close to campus, this place is very popular for students.
Photo source: Twitter @AlfaXId
Reporting from, Corporate Affairs Director Alfamart Solihin said that retailer's development has been growing rapidly, including the matter of competition. We may still remember Seven Eleven outlets which no longer operate in Indonesia.
"At that time, people bought only drinks but hung out too long there," he says to, Monday (29/6). Departing from that problem, Solihin did not want Alfa X to have the same bad luck. That's why Alfa X comes with paid concept. "If you want to go there, you have to order a space, but only Rp. 500,000 for five people, the package include food and beverage," he added.
Photo source: Instagram
The Alfa X has area of ​​around 400 square meters and is equipped with several coworking spaces with a capacity of five to ten people. Solihin said, because the New Normal phase is currently being enforced, Alfa X also runs the Covid-19 health protocols. So that for now only 50% of the capacity can be filled.
According to Solihin, the concept of Alfa X is not to be franchised. AMRT will still invest alone and continue to evaluate their new business.

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