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Create Your Own Sandals at Baia Baia

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14, August 2018

Innovation in fashion industry is never die, including footwear trends. The millennials trend not applies only for shoes, so does on sandals. Usually, people more often use sandals if they want to go to mini market or just strolling around. But, now there are so many people using sandals in many occasion, like visiting mall.

At least, there are two millennials characteristic, the first one is they who love to try new things and they who prioritizing trends. Mostly Baia Baia customers are millennials, especially girls, they dominate up to 85%. Even so, boys also come to this place to D.I.Y. their own sandals. With a "create your own" concept, Baia Baia offers D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) sandals product, so you can design your own sandals. It is a bit posibble to have the same sandals design with any others.

To make your own sandals, Baia Baia provides two kind of rubbers, slope and straight. Two kind of cutting, slim and classic. Slim cutting devoted for girls, so your foots look smaller with this cutting. While classic cutting just for the boys and kids.

Photo Source: @baiabaiaid

You can also choose for the strap, there areatwo options, Glossy and Glitter. And the last one, you can add accessories and charms for your choice strap. With the customize charms, it will adding your sandals value, so you can use the sandals on many occasions, and looking more elegant. Because, you can pick your favorite charms and suit to your personality.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.