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Credit Scoring to Make The Loan Process Easy

By Eskanisa R

23 December 2020

Determine debtors' eligibility.

Photo source: Pixabay

Did you ever hear about BI checking? To ensure your loan process easy in bank or other financials, here’s important things you need to know about that term. BI checking refers to information of complete creadit history of customers or bank debtors in Debtor Information System of SID which is integrated and collected by Bank Indonesia or BI.
All your personal information including identity, payment history (if you have submitted and/or received any loan) to bad credit if you have a history of not paying bills on time included on the SID and exchanged between banks and/or other financial institutions.
As we rounded up from official website of Financial Services Authority (OJK), SID officially changed name into Financial Information Services System (SLIK) made all banking supervision function handed over to OJK.
However, SLIK has same, exact function where banks or other financial institutions can easily access debtor information (data) to ensure they give or obtain a loan. Those who already have history of not paying bills on time or owe too much money will be marked as blacklist. Hence, they loan applications will be obtained simply because they have low credit score based on this following credit scoring given by BI:
Score 1: Current Credit, debtors pay bills on time
Score 2: DPK Credit Special Mention, debtors not paying bills for 1 – 90 days
Score 3: Non-Current Credit, debtors not paying bills for 91 – 120 days
Score 4: Doubtful Credit, debtors not paying bills for 121 – 180 days
Score 5: Bad Credit, debtors not paying bills for more than 180 days and will be obtained for  a loan
For those who have any installment, either credit card, home, and so forth, ensure to pay your bills on time to avoid blacklist status as well as ensure to make your next loan easy.  

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