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CSW Bus Stop and ASEAN MRT Station Will Soon be Integrated

By Isny Dewi R

24 January 2020

ASEAN MRT Station and CSW Transjakarta Bus Stop will be integrated.

Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan inaugurated the launching of an integrated development between ASEAN MRT Station and CSW Transjakarta Bus Stop, on Wednesday (22/01) at ASEAN MRT Station. The declaration Head of Transportation Department Syafrin Liputo, PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) President Director William P. Sabandar, and President Director of Transjakarta Agung Wicaksono.

In his remark, Anies said that many people are having trouble moving to these two public transportation modes. "With this integration, it is hoped that more people want to use public transportation. This new round will be continued in Jakarta so all public transportations are integrated and people will get the facilities, "Anies said.

"In addition to daily users, there are also potential new passengers, those from Sudirman-MH Thamrin who are heading to Kebayoran Lama can use MRT Jakarta and then transit here to move to Transjakarta CSW Bus Stop. Likewise with people from Warung Buncit, Mampang, Tendean, and Ciledug areas who have not been using MRT Jakarta because it is far, now they can ride MRT Jakarta from CSW Bus Stop, "Anies added.

This integration development consists of two phases. First, CSW connecting stop which consists of five floors with functions as shelter, retail area, as well as the existing CSW stop. Second, the bridge, the connecting building of corridor 1, and the connecting bridge with the Pedestrian Crossing Bridge (JPO).

For now, the development of the 145-meter connecting bridge from MRT Jakarta side has reached 66% and is planned to start operating in April 2020. The connecting bridge will also be equipped with escalators and elevators to be accessible to all people, including priority passengers such as the elderly, pregnant women, people with disabilities, and mothers carrying kids.

"Going forward, this connecting bridge will function as new access to get in and out of ASEAN MRT Station from the west side and as an interconnection spot with Transjakarta corridor 13," said President Director of PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda), William P. Sabandar.

Meanwhile, President Director of Transjakarta, Agung Wicaksono conveyed that the infrastructure planned to be inaugurated on August 16, 2020 will function as a transit hub that will connect the two main mass transportation modes of Jakarta, Transjakarta and MRT Jakarta. "Its main function is the connecting bridge which we refer to as the "Chakras" which will connect MRT Jakarta and TransJakarta," Agung said.

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