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Various Menus with Unique Names

Various Menus with Unique Names

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Want to enjoy kue cubit (pinch cake, Indonesian snack) with many flavors or other interesting menus? You can find them at Cubite Street Food. Besides kue cubit, this stall which already has 10 other branches in Jakarta also offers noodle, martabak (Indonesian pancake), toasted bread, and blended drinks. You can also play games such as UNO Stacko and Scrabble while waiting for your order.

The menus here are packed uniquely. You will find trending flavors such as KitKat Green Tea, Ovomaltine, Nutella, Milo, Red Velvet, and many more. For the blended drinks, you have to try the refreshing Ice Lychee Yakult or Ovoboom which is made from a mix of Ovomaltine, Ovomilk, and Ovoball. Well, the most memorable menu is the noodle menu which you can choose the hunger level for how big the portion will be, spiciness level, to weirdness level.

For the hunger level, you can choose Double (two portions), Triple (three portions), Quadripple (four portions), Lapar Kemarin Sore -last evening’s hunger- (five portions), or even Kesebelasan or a football team portion! Wow! The levels of spiciness here are using unique names. For a spoiler, the most unique name is for the level 6 with the name “Jadi Jokowi” (become Jokowi) and for the level 12 as the highest level is named “Jadi Ahok” (become Ahok)!

Hmm… What about the weirdness level? You can choose between “noodle soup without soup” or “fried noodle with soup”. The choices of noodle here also vary, starting from Indonesian instant noodle to imported one from Korea. What a variation! Just come to the nearest Cubite Street Food in your neighborhood and enjoy the memorable eating euphoria.


Ruko Blitz 2 Blok D 8, Paramount, Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Kec. Tangerang, Banten 15810



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