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Culinary Guide at Bintaro Modern Market

By Isny Dewi R

01 November 2018

Bintaro Modern Market hosts a plethora of food vendors.

In addition to being a convenient grocery-shopping destination, Bintaro Modern Market also hosts a plethora of food vendors. At the market you will see various light snacks, coffee, to a wide range of meals readily available.

One of the most popular establishments at Bintaro Modern Market is Pastellia, which located in the north door of the market. Here you have to try its most popular dish siomay, a generously sized fish dumpling that can be served with peanut sauce.

For sweet lovers, head on over to try Dapur Ibu Tati's kue lumpur, a soft and custard-like bite of cake that comes in five different flavors, coconut, jackfruit, pumpkin, yam and pandan. Each cake costs Rp 4,000. Additionally Ibu Tati also offers other delicious traditional sweets you should try such as dadar gulung (sweet coconut pancake) and klepon (traditional green-coloured balls of rice cake filled with liquid palm sugar and coated in grated coconut). For  those coffee addict, several coffee shops can also be found in the market complex, such as Mata Kopi, which sells its signature market iced milk coffee for Rp 20.000.

Photo Source: @matakopicoffee

To satiate your hunger, you can easily find restaurants selling a wide variety of Indonesian cuisine. Among them is Pecel Pincuk Ibu Ida, located near the south entrance. You can also choose to add side dishes, such as fried chicken, perkedel (Indonesian fried patties, made from mashed potatoes), to quail eggs skewers. Uniquely, the dish is served on a bed of banana leaves on a dome-shaped bamboo plate. A basic dish of pecel starts at Rp 14.000, with side dishes starting from Rp 3.500. If you are interested to take home a generous bowl of pecel sauce, you only have to pay for Rp 60,000, which can be kept for about two months when stored in the refrigerator.

For a different choice, there is also Waroeng Garang Asem, which serves the Central Javanese dish garang asem (sour and spicy soup) with either chicken or beef. Other delicacies they have is gongso (spicy stir-fry style) tripe or tongue. Batak cuisine is also the one you can’t be missed. The restaurant Horas offering traditional North Sumatran barbecue pork and saksang (a Batak dish made from minced pork stewed in its blood, coconut milk and spices).

Wanting to visit Bintaro Modern Market to indulging your tongue? It is recommended to visit early in the morning when all the shops are open, as well as snacks and traditional sweets are still available. Remember that some shops close after 12 p.m.

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