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Custom Furniture As You Wish at Idemu

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02, October 2019

A local furniture and interior accessories manufacturer, VIVERE recently launched the latest concept of their furniture store, Idemu, located at Lippo Mal Kemang in South Jakarta. Under PT Vivere Multi Kreasi, Idemu is come to provide interior design solutions and technology-based furniture 4.0.

Idemu was born from the collaboration of VIVERE Group with a Chinese company Guangzhou Yuanfang Computer Software Engineering Co. Ltd. (Guangzhou Shangpin Home Collection Co. Ltd.). The collaboration, which began on March 28, 2019, then resulted a collaboration based on design and production of personalized furniture on a large digital scale.

Idemu offers a personalized furniture experience for its customers through digital devices provided in the outlet. Customers will be assisted in designing the interior design of the room they want by Idemu team and are directed to personalize built-in furniture such as wall cabinets, kitchen sets, wardrobe and beds.

Each customer can choose the color and pattern as they want by scanning the barcode on the sample material. It only takes a few seconds, the furniture design will automatically appear on the screen. This digital solution is claimed can help customers design a room faster with a fairly affordable and transparent price. This design app will also be connected directly to the factory to immediately produce furniture for your order so it can be done in real time.

All products from Idemu including built-in furniture are manufactured in Indonesia using European-standard machine technology. The basic material used is the MFC board (Melamine Faced Chipboard) type E1 which is claimed to be eco-friendly.


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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.