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A Rich of History Cuisine

A Rich of History Cuisine

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Indonesia has so many cultures and heritage from the old-time traders and the Dutch in the colonial era. The cultural heritage can still be found now, including in the culinary. Dapur Babah Élite is one of the restaurants that serve the Indo-China culinary. Entering the restaurant, you will feel as if entering a museum because of its decoration that shows ornaments of old Indo-China houses. The furniture, wall decoration, and room accessories are all rich with the vintage touch.

From the outside, the restaurant looks small but when you step in… Wow! You will be amazed with the luxury of this restaurant. From the interior you can tell that the Dapur Babah Élite serves Indo-China and Dutch food.

Nasi Tjampoer Babah is the must-try menu. It contains pandan rice served with dry fried shrimp, serundeng (fried shredded coconut), sambal goreng kentang (potato fried with chili), tofu, tempeh, fried beef, sayur lodeh (vegetable soup in coconut milk), shrimp fritters, cocoh chicken, rempeyek (a type of crackers), terasi chili, and yellow pickles. Complete!

There is also Nasi Kare Kepiting, which serves the rice with crab in Javanese curry sauce, vegetables, chili and crackers. If you want to have the Dutch food, you can order the Biefstuk Compleet Oen, which has been known in Indonesia from centuries ago, which is tenderloin steak served with French fries and vegetables. Mmm… Old but gold!


Jl. Veteran 1 No. 18-19, Gambir, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia



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