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High-quality Hair Laser Removal in Jakarta

By Eskanisa R

05 Mar 2019

De-Hair, safe and quality hair laser removal.

Along with shaving and waxing, women also love this treatment, hair laser removal to get rid of stubborn hair. De-Hair offers you high-quality laser hair removal that has medical license and handled by professional beauticians. De-Hair has four branches in Jakarta and Surabaya.

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It using best laser machine from United States targets melanin in the hair precisely to attack the follicle in faster, more effective ways. The laser beam will remove unwanted hair as well as inhibit hair growth.


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It works effectively for any skin tones and all hair types, whether fair, medium or even dark. With this laser hair removal treatments you can say goodbye to your hairy face, underarms, hands, chest and stomach, back, private areas including buttocks and legs.


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Comparing to other lasers, De-Hair is painless. Along with their high-quality laser hair removal, De-Hair also known for their photofacial, treatment to get rid black spots due to sun exposure, whitening treatments and rejuvenation by Venus Freeze to get your ideal body shape in quick and safe ways without any side effects.

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