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Delicious and Cheap Legendary Asinan You Need to Taste

By Eskanisa R

08 September 2020

Only Rp13.000, really worth the taste!

Photo source: Shopee

You may craving for fresh spicy foods during these hot days. Asinan Betawi also known as traditional Indonesian salad made with pickled veggies or fruits could be your perfect choice for its sour, sweet, and spicy flavours.
Asinan Betawi commonly has mustard greens, cabbage, bean sprouts, lettuce, white tofu, sprinkle of fried peanuts, yellow noodle crackers and peanut sauce made of chilli and vinegar. One of best recommended Asinan Betawi you need to taste is Asinan Betawi H. Asymuni or Asinan Betawi “78” H. Asymuni / H. Udin / H. Tatie that you can easily find in Pisangan Baru, East Jakarta.
Do not get surprised if you spot long queue while visiting small street in Pisangan Baru. What makes those people willingly queuing in the morning to taste this asinan? The secret are deliciousness and cheap price.
For both veggies and fruits, this asinan use same recipes since 1978 and successfully sell up to 3,000 servings per day. With Rp13.000, you can taste a pack of asinan at home. Because, they do not provide tables to dine-in.
A pack of vegetables asinan consists of cabbage, bean sprouts, cucumber, lettuce, and white tofu. Peanut sauce and chili sauce are packed separately. It has thicker peanut sauce than other asinan. The combination of spicy, sour, and sweet are perfect. If you find it less spicy, you can put extra chili sauce on top of it.
It also applies for fruits asinan, even they only use pineapple, kedondong (great hog plum), and bengkuang (jicama), they give a quite big cut for each fruits. Red spicy sauce with sour, sweet taste just so tempting. It tastes even better cold. H. Asymuni has no branch elsewhere, for those who want to taste this legendary asinan can join the queue or make order through jastip (entrusted services).

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Asinan Betawi H. Asymuni
Jl. Pisangan Baru Tengah No. 31, Pisangan Baru, Matraman, Jakarta Timur 13110

Open Hours:

05.30 – 20.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 021 – 8511053 / 0816822820