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Delicious Enchanting Mille Crepes

By Eskanisa R

01 September 2020

Experience layers of goodness.

Photo source: Tasting Table
To satiate your sweet tooth, this mille crepes definitely the perfect choice. As the name implies, Mille means parts per thousand and Crepe means a thin pancake. In other words, Mille Crepes, enchanting sweet from northwest of France implying the many layers of crepe. Every layer of crepe has vary cream flavours from the Original (French Vanilla), Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Cheese, Green tea, Cappuccino, Tiramisu, Oreo, Earl Grey to the newest flavours; Banamelle and Popcorn. 

Photo source: First Love Patisserie
You can taste delicious Mille Crepes at First Love Patisserie which has the sweet taste just like your first love. It has soft texture and perfect amount of sweetness of the cream on every layer of crepes. With simple mouth-watering cut, this one definitely worth a taste.
For any coffee addicts you should not miss their Cappuccino flavour. They sprinkled top of the cake slice with cappuccino powder with a sweet slightly bitter aroma. Each layer of crepes covered with milky coffee cream. Combination of bitter and sweet taste on every bite taste delicious.

Photo source: First Love Patisserie
Moreover, if you want to enjoy this crepe with your favourite hot tea or coffee, better go with the Original French Vanilla one. The sweetness of vanilla cream goes well with bitter hot drinks. All of crepes made with quality ingredients with no artificial colouring, preservatives, and trans fat. You can taste a delectable Mille Crepe from Rp37.000 to Rp648.000 for a 22cm whole cake (1.2kg).

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First Love Patisserie
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