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Delicious Frozen Food Recommendations for Your Stock at Home

By Isny Dewi R

28 July 2020

Frozen food recommendations that you should buy for stock at home.

Photo source: Pixabay


Frozen food is the type of food that is in high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because the government's call for #stayathome to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, makes most people prefer to stock up on foodstuffs so they don't need to go to the market often.
However, because there are some foodstuffs that cannot last long, many people prefer to stocking frozen food at home. As long as it is stored properly, frozen food can be stored for a long period of time.
For those of you who are interested in stocking frozen food at home, these are frozen food recommendations that you should try, compiled from various sources.
1. Moza Kitchen
The store, which was established in 2015, provides a variety of fresh meats such as chicken, salmon, shrimp, beef (Wagyu, beef slice, sirloin, tenderloin, etc.), lamb chop, and more.
Moza Kitchen also offers a variety wide range of frozen foods such as sausages, crispy fried chicken, mozarella sticks, dory fish sticks, batter coated fries, chicken cordon bleu, kebabs, cheesy chicken bites, butterfly shrimp, and many more. Not only food, this online frozen food shop also sells a variety of complementary sauces such as barbecue sauce, blackpepper sauce and teriyaki sauce.
Photo source: Instagram @mozakitchen
For fresh meats, Moza Kitchen sets prices from Rp 34 thousand to Rp 170 thousand. As for frozen food, the price ranges from Rp. 45 thousand to Rp. 134 thousand. You can visit @mozakitchen Instagram, for more info about how to order and products they offer.
2. Roku Bento
Using the name "Bento", this frozen food store sells a variety of Japanese snacks such as egg chicken roll, shrimp roll, ebi furai tempura, chicken katsu, dori katsu, okado (snack coated with beancurd skin), and more. However, Roku Bento also provides other frozen food such as meatballs, dumplings, spring rolls and otak-otak. All frozen food offered is guaranteed without MSG and preservatives.
Photo source: Instagram
Roku Bento frozen food prices start at Rp 42 thousand to Rp 105 thousand. This shop also provides saving packages containing several types of frozen food with prices starting from Rp 130 thousand to Rp 350 thousand. Peek at Instagram to find out how to order.
3. Lilplate
This frozen food shop based in South Tangerang is open since 2017. Lilplate sells a variety of dim sum, dumplings, and other frozen food without MSG and preservatives. Frozen food that you can buy from this shop such as pom pom potatoes, egg chicken roll, shrimp spring rolls, chicken bite, ebi roll, crab roll, ebi tempura, gyoza, hakau, cilok, to rendang.
Photo source: Instagram @lil.plate
The price offered by Lilplate ranges from Rp. 15 thousand to Rp. 120 thousand. Visit @lil.plate Instagram, to find out about how to order and other products they offer.

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