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Delicious Japanese Treat at 3 Wise Monkeys

Delicious Japanese Treat at 3 Wise Monkeys

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Japanese food is one kind of food that has many lovers. You can say that in Jakarta, it is so easy to find a Japanese restaurant, either inside or outside of the malls. But, not all of Japanese restaurant has a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere like 3 Wise Monkeys. Even though it is named 3 Wise Monkeys but this restaurant serves Japanese food. This resto and bar is located in Senopati, Kebayoran Baru.

You can find varieties of food starting from appetizer to dessert. For the appetizer, Edamame, Salad, and Steam Salmon with Truffle Sauce can be an appealing one. Or if you want to jump right into the main course, Chicken Katsu Curry, Beef Curry, Gohan Set, Kanitama Inaniwa Udon, Yakisoba, and Pirikara Miso Ramen are some of the must try choices. While waiting for your order, you can also try various sushi roll or sashimi. The taste will “explode” in your mouth, hmm….

After you enjoy your dishes, don’t miss Ichigo Yogurt Parfait, Chocolate Banana Parfait, or Shiratama Maccha Parfait as your dessert. For the drinks, it is not complete if you have Japanese food without a company of sake. Try their Kiwi Saketini or Young Yakuza as a fusion of sake. It will definitely refresh you up. Is that all? Of course not! There are still many choices of drinks that you can taste here such as mocktails, coffee, and many more. Perfect!


Jl. Suryo No.26, Senopati, Jakarta 12180, Indonesia


+6221 29126528

Operational Hours

11.00-00.00 WIB