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Street Food
Street Food

Delicious Kebab AB Mayestik with Plentiful Beef

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
19, March 2020

Kebab is one of most popular Middle East dishes in Indonesia. In Jakarta, you can easily find delicious authentic kebab at affordable prices like Kebab AB Mayestik. This kebab located on the ground floor of Mayestik market and perfect to be chosen for your alternative light meal after strolling around Mayestik market.

Two menu you should not miss are Kebab Sapi Spesial and Kebab Kambing Spesial for Rp27.000 (each). A roll of beef or mutton kebab is quite big and dense. It comes from piles of juicy beef or mutton covered with thin and crispy pita bread. Along with that, they use a lot of cheese to give satisfying taste in every single bite.


photo source: CheckInJakarta.doc

Kebab AB Mayestik also full of fresh lettuce which will be spilled out while you bite. A roll of kebab definitely makes your tummy full. There also available frozen kebab, chicken, beef, and mutton for Rp100.000 you can enjoy at home. Simply heated on a non-sticky pan until you get crisp layer of pita bread and served with chili sauce for those who like spicier taste.



Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani