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Delicious Ketoprak in Jakarta (Part II)

By Eskanisa R

11 Jul 2019

Delicious ketoprak in Jakarta part two.

In Jakarta, you can find never ending recommendation of delicious food at affordable prices like this one. Ketoprak (simple dish consists of tofu, rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, rice cake served with peanut sauce) turns out as delicious dish to eat for breakfast, lunch or even dinner right after work. Have you tried these delicious ketoprak? This time, we will invite you to taste other tasty ketoprak, let’s check this one out!

1. Ketoprak Pak Heri

Bendungan Hilir (Benhil) known as one of paradise of delicious food in Jakarta, here you can also find tasty Ketoprak Telor. Located in front of Al-Falah Mosque, on the right side of the road after Benhil Market, this modest eatery owned by Pak Heri always crowd with hungry people. Along with its good taste, the price is quite cheap and the most important thing is the omelette as topping. It will give you different taste of ketoprak. A plate of ketoprak Pak Heri consists of savoury peanut sauce served with rice cake, fried tofu, bean sprouts, rice vermicelli and omelette. Do not forget the additions of crackers and sweet soy sauce make it more perfect. This one definitely satisfying!

Ketoprak Pak Heri

Address: In front of Al-Falah Mosque, after Benhil Market

2. Ketoprak Mas Bana

Strolling around West Jakarta, there is good ketoprak open every day, Ketoprak Mas Bana. The abundant of fragrant peanut sauce becomes main appealing magnet for food enthusiasts. There are also chunks of fresh cucumbers and fried shallots sprinkles you may not find in other ketoprak. Pieces of rice cake, bean sprouts, rice vermicelli, fried tofu and mountains of crispy crackers ready to pamper your taste buds. Do not forget to ask the addition of sunny side up eggs make your plate of ketoprak taste way more better.

Ketoprak Cirebon Mas Bana

Address: Jl. Bhakti No. 1, Kemanggisan, Palmerah, West Jakarta 11480

3. Ketoprak Pak Edi

Simple thing makes this ketoprak taste different is the peanut sauce. Pak Edi using high-quality peanut that fried without oil and grounded until smooth. He made one by one peanut sauce, per plate with garlic, slices of brown sugar, salt and chili suit your taste. You can adjust spiciness level, not spicy at all, medium or very spicy. Hence, he did not put additional omelette or any egg, a plate of its ketoprak consists of rice cake, tofu, rice vermicelli and bean sprouts taste perfect. The peanut sauce taste so smooth, clean, savoury and sweet, all perfectly blend in every single bite.

Ketoprak Pak Edi

Address Jl. Ampera Raya, Jakarta Selatan (50 meters from Ampera junction, in front of K-24 pharmacy)