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Delicious Pempek in Jakarta Make You Want More and More

By Eskanisa R

14 March 2019

Delicious pempek with fresh fish in Jakarta.

Pempek is signature dishes from South Sumatera, Palembang to be precise. It becomes favourite snack for food enthusiasts. In Jakarta, you can easily find pempek outlet, but these three offer fresh fish to make pempek with chewy and soft texture make you want more and more after first bite.

1. Pempek Megaria

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Established in 1989, Pempek Megaria known for its soft and tender texture of pempek. Even you ask for golden, crispy skin, it still taste soft inside. Along with its texture, what makes people crazy for this pempek is the taste. They use fresh fish to make a lot of pempek everyday but you won’t taste slightest smell of fish. A portion of Pempek Megaria served with cuko, dark, rich sweet and spicy sauce costs from Rp6.000 to Rp22.000.

Pempek Megaria

Address: Metropole 21, Jl. Pegangsaan Timur No. 21, Cikini, Jakarta

Phone: +62213910921 / +628128196628


2. Pempek Palembang & Otak-otak 161

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This pempek has several branches in Jakarta, one of them in Radio Dalam, South Jakarta. Most favourite pempek in Pempek Palembang & Otak-otak 161 is Pempek Kulit. Pempek Kulit is combination of mackerel and fish skin. They offer bigger size of Pempek Kulit than other. Here, you can also taste other Palembang specialities rarely find in Jakarta, such as Lenggang Panggang, combination of long cylindrical pempek with eggs, similar to Martabak and Ice Red Beed with Coconut Milk.

Pempek Palembang & Otak-otak 161

Address: Jl. Radio Dalam Raya Blok H No. 5C, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta

Phone: +62217228971

3. Pempek Pak Jenggot

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Last but not least, this pempek outlet is quite popular in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. Pempek Pak Jenggot, since 1984 sell their delicious pempek famous by its savory taste. One you should not miss is their Pempek Kapal Selam, egg wrapped with pempek dough. Compared to other Pempek Kapal Selam, this one has bigger size. However, the taste of fresh fish more dominant than tapioca. It served with separate cuko, you can either mix together in its plate or dip one by one into small bowl of cuko with sour and spicy taste. Other pempek, like Pempek Bulat (round pempek), Pempek Lenjer (long cylindrical pempek), Lenggang (combination of long cylindrical pempek with eggs) and Kulit (made of fish skin) also available here with affordable prices.

Pempek Pak Jenggot

Address: Jl. Ragunan Raya No. 17, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta

Phone: +62217802319


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