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3 Delicious Pizza Rolls for Your Leisure Time at Home

By Isny Dewi R

02 October 2020

Delicious pizza rolls in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

Photo source: Pixabay

Want a different snack for your leisure time at home? Then you have to taste pizza roll. This food has a unique shape, and is more practical when eaten. This is because pizza, which is generally flat triangle shaped, is now being made in roll shape. Although the shape is different, the filling and taste are no less interesting than flat pizza. For those of you who want to try, here are recommendations for delicious pizza rolls in Jakarta and surrounding areas.
1. Ifa Bolif
In Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, there is Ifa Bolif which is famous for its various roll breads, ranging from Pizza Roll Bread, Garlic Cheese Roll Bread, Choco Roll Bread, to Cinnamon Roll Bread. For the pizza roll, the filling is quite abundant, there are smoked beef, onions, red peppers and cheese which melts when eaten. Ifa Bolif's pizza roll is packaged in cups, so it's easy to eat. For ordering, you can simply send a DM to Instagram @ifa.bolif.
Photo source: Instagram @ifa.bolif
2. Your Treat
Located in Bekasi area, Your Treat offers a three-slice pizza roll for Rp 60,000. Meanwhile, six slices of pizza roll are priced at Rp. 120,000. The pizza roll here is made by order with an abundant filling of meat, cheese and oregano with soft pizza texture. There is also milk bath for those of you who want to enjoy dessert. If you are interested in ordering, it is recommended to do it a maximum of H-1 via WhatsApp or DM to Instagram Your Treat.
Photo source: Instagram @y.ourtreat
Your Treat
WhatsApp: 0838-9757-9558
Instagram: @y.ourtreat
3. Luve Cake
This pizza roll is based in East Jakarta area. You can choose personal variant for Rp 55,000 which contains three pieces of pizza roll or jumbo for Rp 110,000 which contains six pieces. The size of Luve Cake’s pizza roll is pretty big and is packaged in an aluminum foil. This snack is served with smoked beef filling, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, bolognese, paprika and parsley. You can order it through GoSend, Grab, and Paxel.
Photo source: Instagram @luve.cake
In addition to pizza roll, Luve Cake also offers any dessert boxes such as milk bath cheese, choco cheese Oreo, red velvet, and Belgian choco delight. With a price range of Rp. 20,000 for mini size, and Rp. 65,000 to Rp. 75,000 for normal size. Luve Cake also offers affordable package if you want to taste a variety of their homemade dishes.
Luve Cake
WhatsApp: 0896-3001-2228
Instagram: @luve.cake

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