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Delicious Sate Kikil Bang Udin You Need to Try

By Eskanisa R

28 November 2019

Sate Kikil Bang Udin, tender, savoury, surely make you want for more.

Among a lot types of satay, sate kikil (made of cow’s trotters) becomes a popular one. If you are passing East Ciputat, you need to try this delicious, satisfying streetfood. Located at Gg. H. Nasan, Cempaka Putih, East Ciputat or simple next to Cempaka Hijau complex building gate, you can spot people are lining up in this Sate Kikil Bang Udin.

With simple stall, Bang Udin made his flavourful yet tender sate kikil which has tempting aroma and mouth-watering look. Combination of sweet soy sauce and sambal (chili paste) make this sate kikil taste even more delicious. Besides its deliciousness, it has affordable price and big portion to fill you up (with lontong, rice cakes). It is not surprising that Sate Kikil Bang Udin loved by so many people, students to employees who stopping by during traffic jam in East Ciputat.

If you want to taste this delicious sate kikil, it is highly recommended to come at 4.30 pm, right after he opens his stall. If you come after that, you probably spot long queue especially after work hours.



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Sate Kikil Bang Udin
Gg. H. Nasan, Cempaka Putih, Ciputat Timur, Tangerang 15412

Open Hours:

16.30 sampai habis

More Information:

Phone: 085842232026