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Street Food
Street Food

Delicious Siomay and Es Teler for Midnight Snacking

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
16, December 2019

Entering end of the month while waiting for pay day coming, you can enjoy midnight snacking at this place. Located in Kramat Pela, Kebayoran Baru, in front of Sederhana Restaurant to be exact, there are delicious, inexpensive siomay (steamed fish dumpling served with peanut sauce) and es teler (tropical fruit drink consists of avocado, coconut flesh, jackfruit and served with coconut milk, shaved ice, and condensed milk on top of it) which have big portions to fill your tummy.

You can easily find this kind of snack made of flour and fish in every corner of Jakarta, including Es Teler & Siomay Citrayana. A delicious plate of siomay help get rid of hunger and way more satisfying to be eaten right after work.


photo source: CheckInJakarta.doc

It has large size, chewy texture, and savoury flavour. The taste of peanut sauce on top of it also delicious. A plate of Siomay Citrayana consists of dumplings, potatoes, cabbage, tofu and boiled eggs for Rp13.000.

To get rid the aroma of peanut sauce, you can try sweet, refreshing es teler, es campur (mixed shaved ice), es alpukat (avocado shaved ice) or es kelapa (iced coconut) for Rp10.000 – Rp13.000 per serving. Among those beverages, es teler is best-selling one which contains of avocado, jackfruit, coconut flesh, Chinese pearls and sweet condensed milk for absolute satisfying midnight snacking!


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani