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Deliciousness of Legendary Gado-gado in Bendungan Hilir

By Eskanisa R

26 September 2019

Try deliciousness of legendary gado-gado Bu Hj. Bambang in Bendungan Hilir.

If you come at lunch time, you probably find long queue. Although this modest restaurant located in small alley, Rumah Makan Bu Hj. Bambang built between Jalan Bendungan Hilir Raya and Jalan Bendungan Jatiluhur, near back side of BRD Sudirman Building Complex. It makes Rumah Makan Bu Hj. Bambang always crowd with employees from Benhil also food enthusiasts who come from around Benhil to enjoy deliciousness of legendary gado-gado (vegetable salad with peanut dressing).

What makes gado-gado Bu Hj. Bambang taste different? It has tasteful peanut dressing, sweet yet spicy. You can also ask for level of spiciness. Ask for a bit spicy, medium or very spicy while you are ordering.

Vegetables like water spinach, long beans, cucumbers with chunks of tofu and eggs topped with crackers feel like dancing in your mouth. It tastes way more delicious after your chew for several times. Vegetable still crunchy not to soggy, peanut sauce is legit, and crackers make each mouthful of gado-gado Bu Hj. Bambang so satisfying. You can even ask for additional plate of rice or lontong (cylinder rice cake).

Along with gado-gado, here you can also taste soto sulung (beef tripe) with clear soup, chunks of meat and cracker crumbs, karedok (fresh, raw vegetable with peanut dressing), rujak cingur (vegetables salad with boiled cow mouth with peanut dressing), ketoprak (consists of tofu, rice cakes, rice vermicelli served in peanut dressing) and rujak buah (fruit salad with spicy palm sugar). Rumah Makan Bu Hj. Bambang opens every day starts from 8.30am to 5.30pm. So, it is perfect for breakfast, lunch even early dinner. If you arrive during lunch time, around 12 to 1, you are expected to be more patience for the queue.

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Rumah Makan Bu Hj. Bambang
Gg. Sepakat No. 10, Jalan Bendungan Hilir Raya, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10210

Open Hours:

08.30 – 17.30 WIB