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Deliciousness of Sayur Asem Joglo

By Eskanisa R

14 October 2019

Deliciousness yet affordable sayur asem H. Matali in Joglo.

For any sayur asem (vegetables in tamarind soup) enthusiasts who live in Joglo and surrounding, you should take time to stop by this modest restaurant to enjoy refreshing yet little bit spicy sayur asem.

Warung Sayur Asem H. Matali also known as Warung Sayur Asem Joglo serves refreshing sayur asem which definitely makes you want for more and more. In a modest place with no ceramic floors, there is an étalage display mouth-watering side dishes as well as long wooden chairs and tables.You can come and enjoy a plate of refreshing sayur asem every day before 4pm.

This sayur asem is different among other sayur asem from West Java, it has clearer colour of soup because not use too much seasoning but has more complete vegetables such as oncom (fermented soybean) and pare (bitter vegetable).

A plate of sayur asem H. Matali consists of long beans, young jackfruits, melinjo (melinjo nut) and kacang tanah (groundnut). To complete your plate of sayur asem, there are some ideal side dishes include fried tilapia, salted fish, pepes tahu (steamed tofu), petai goreng (fried bitter beans) and fresh vegetables. A plate of sayur asem costs for only Rp10.000 while its side dishes start from Rp10.000 – Rp13.000.

Warung Sayur Asem Joglo can be easily reached by taking public transportation like C13 from Kebon Jeruk – Ciledug and getting off at Jl. Sayur Asem (in front of Bluebird Station in Joglo).



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Warung Sayur Asem Joglo
Jl. Sayur Asem (Joglo Raya), Ciledug, Tangerang

Open Hours:

09.00 – 16.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 081314229422