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Developing Art Skills with FODA

By Eskanisa R

05 April 2019

Developing your art skills with Full of Doodle Art Community.

Love to draw? Why don’t you join with this inspiring community? Full of Doodle Art Indonesia (FODA) is a community for anyone who love and want to learn create doodle art. FODA was established in Surabaya, first. Now, you can easily find FODA in other cities, including Jakarta.

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Doodle Art itself is a style of drawing, simple drawing that sometimes has its meaning, sometimes not. In each region, FODA has coordinator to hold regular gathering with diverse agendas, including workshop, sharing session also training to inspire members of community to create doodle art.


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FODA is not for those who already has good talent at drawing but also those who can’t draw at all. Do you want to join with FODA? Make sure you click here for further information about FODA.


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