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Different Holiday Sensation at Lancang Island

Different Holiday Sensation at Lancang Island


If Tidung Island is known for its bridge of love, Pari Island is known for its Virgin Sand Beach and mangrove tunnel, different thing with Lancang Island. An island which is also a cluster of Thousand Islands offers a holiday sensation which is quietly unique.

Many people visit this island to fulfil their fishing hobbies. At here they can also get many catches.

It is easy to reach this island. You do not need to rent a boat or ship. Many ships from Kali Adem and Muara Angke dock. You just have to choose fishing boat or passenger ship.

At this place, there are two fishing ponds each has an area about 700 m². Every pond has four gazebos which are created for the visitors.

No wonder many people like to visit the fishing pond at Lancang Island. Because besides offers fishing, the pond location also beautiful with breezy air from the sea.

Besides fishing, Lancang Island also offers other beauty, like mangrove forest which is located around Pari Island district office.

Only about two meters away, you can also enjoy the beauty of this mangrove forest  from Rainbow Bridge. It is called Rainbow Bridge, because it looks like a rainbow.

Traveling to this island, you will receive education tourism. At Lancang Island, especially around the docks, you can watch fishermen’s life. Starts from how they prepare equipment till other activities they have when going back to the land.

Before you go home, you can buy rajungan (small crab) which has been boiled and rice anchovies that had been  dried completely as souvenir. The price of rajungan ranges from IDR25,000,- till IDR60,000,- per kg according the size. The rice anchovies sells at price IDR50,000,- per kg.

If you want to travel to this island, try to come to Lancang Island and get different traveling experience. Have fun!