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The Soft & Cute Doughnut

Spectr News Theme Miranti Devina
26, May 2016

Commonly, doughnut has a round shape with a hole on the center. But different with the ones offered by Dino Donuts, because the doughnut here comes in dinosaur shape. Not only kids, adults will also be attracted with this cute shaped doughnut.

Moreover, it is decorated with colorful frosting and topping, making the doughnut appearance more festive. There are plenty flavor selections in Dino Donuts, which are Oreo, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry jam, white rainbow, white sprinkle, bubble gum, green tea, taro, durian, banana, to tiramisu. Which one do you like?

Besides in dinosaur shape, Dino Donuts also has Alphabet Donuts, which is alphabet-shaped doughnut. It would be lovely to make it as a birthday gift for your beloved ones, to write the greetings with a chain of doughnuts. One of a kind, isn’t it?

Not only the unique shape, the soft texture is also special and it will not flatten when you bite it. This is because Dino Donuts uses premium ingredients which of course halal. The price is quite affordable, it is Rp6.500,- for each Dino Donuts, Rp7.000,- for each Alphabet Donuts, Rp45.000,- for a half dozen, and Rp65.000,- for a dozen.

If you want to have Alphabet Donuts, you should place the order from two days before. Well, if you want to taste the cute doughnut delights, you can contact Dino Donuts through the info and contact detail column below.


Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina