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Dislike Feature is Coming Soon on Facebook

Dislike Feature is Coming Soon on Facebook


In a Q&A session at Facebook HQ, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that his company is currently trying out a Dislike feature which has been long awaited. Earlier, he once said that Facebook is considering an alternative from its Like feature, this is the first time that a new feature will actually become real.

About the feature’s name itself, Facebook has not released it officially. The name Dislike is used temporarily because this feature is the most rumored feature before.

This new feature, as told by Zuckerberg, is not intended to grow negativism like what happened with users in YouTube and Reddit. This Dislike feature intended to express empathy.

This Dislike feature has long been proposed because sometimes the Like feature does not suitable to be used in certain moments, for example crisis or conflict issues.

This Dislike feature is expected to help people to communicate what they feel accurately. There is a possibility that Facebook will develop more features later, not only Likes and Dislikes.