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A Community For Drone Lovers

A Community For Drone Lovers



From so many drone brands sale in the marketplaces, one of the most liked is drone from DJI. DJI has claimed to be the most hunted drone in many countries, including Indonesia. DJI get into Indonesia's market through their official distributor last year.

DJI existence in Indonesia's drone market is a result from their fans interest, then make a comunity named DJI Phantom Indonesia which has been formed since 2014. This community formed when not many people know about drone. In that time, there are some people in Indonesia used drone for their hobbies. Because only a few people, then they decided to make a fanpage account on Facebook and arrange meet up events.

Named “DJI Phantom” for this community is on purpose because in that time most of the member use Phantom's drone. Until now, members total on DJI Phantom Indonesia fanpage account has reached over 14 thousand members. Most of the member aged from 18 to 45. They now not only use Phantom's drone, there are also members who use other drone brands.

The member category divided into 3 drone products, beginner, middle, and professional. For beginner, they use Mavic Pro or Phantom 3 and 4. While middle and professional use Inspire.

Mavic Pro has become the most favorite drone. Not only it is new in the market, this drone also has concise design and claimed easy to use for beginners. Although they only have 12 MP built in Mavic Pro, but this drone can makes best photo, and 4K video recording modes, with zoom, object tracking feature and more.

As drone get popular, community members get more excited to gathering. They arrange a meeting every week. Not only gathering, they also arrange workshop, tips sharing about photography and videography. One of the most DJI Phantom Indonesia's activities is flying drone together. They use wide field and far from buildings to fly their drone. With this activity, they can explore and see what objects they can photographed. There will be an evaluation session about the photos or videos they have taken.

Flying drone together also become a chance for members to develop their navigation ability. The most used Phantom can fly for 15 to 20 minutes with 1,6 km range and 400 m heights. During the flight you will challenged. Drone user should take photos or videos in a short time, in the same time they should also set the navigation.

Most of drone user buy the device without thinking what it is aim for. When they want to use their drone with no professional help, then their flown drone will be risky to harm other objects. And that is become the porpose of this community, to teach members how to fly their drone on the best directed navigation.

For you who love photography atau videography using drone, DJI Phantom Indonesia should be your place to sharpen your ability and of course gaining friends.