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It’s Your Guide to Coffee

It’s Your Guide to Coffee

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Having a coffee time is already like a common habit in this capital city of Indonesia. One of the coffee places that has quality coffee selections is Djournal Coffee. From the classic such as Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, and Macchiato, or the coffee made with significant technic such as syphon, cold drip, and also pour over hand brewed coffee. For syphon and pour over, you can choose the coffee types which you like the most. Some of them are Toraja, Papua, Mandailing, or Bali. In here, they also provide a mix of coffee and alcohol for you who want to taste a different kind of coffee. Name it Long Beach Iced Coffee and Coffee Beer. But if you are not a fond of coffee, you still can hang out here with Nutella Blast Ice Blended that will freshen your day. Or other tea varieties such as Ice Lychee Tea and Mixed Fruit Ice Tea.

You can find one of the branches of Djournal Coffee at Cilandak Town Square. It will be your fun spot for relaxing after office, or for hanging out on the weekend because this place is open until 12 am, and even until 2 am on Friday and Saturday. Don’t forget to accompany your coffee or tea time here with light meals. You can try their croissant selections, maybe Almond Croissant or Nutella Croissant. If you want to have a sharing portion for you and your friends, Nachos Supremo can be the choice. Or you want to taste the main course like pasta and fried rice? Well, the choice is all yours!


Cilandak Town Square Lantai Ground, Jl. T.B. Simatupang, Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia



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Minggu-Kamis 10.00