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Do these 5 Things if You are Bored at Work

By Isny Dewi R

10 September 2020

Do not immediately decide to resign because you are bored with work, do these five things first so you don't make the wrong decision.

Photo source: Pexels
At work, there are times when we feel bored. Whether because we do the same job every day, there is no change in the workplace, to feel less valued in the work environment. Things like that are actually commonplace experienced by workers. However, do not immediately decide to resign because you are bored with work. Launching The Muse, it's a good idea to do these five things first so you don't make the wrong decision.
1. Find out what Makes You Bored
According to Alina Campos, a career coach and founder of The Coaching Creative, many people feel bored with their work for no reason. They simply say 'I am not happy with my job' or 'I feel that I am not improving' without explaining why in detail. In fact, if you think back, you will find out what reasons that make you feel bored with your current job.
"When someone wants to make a career change, they must know what they want to change it. Is there a gap between our principles and the company? Is there a difference in value between us and the company? If we don't trace it further, of course we will feel unhappy and unmotivated when working," explained Alina.

2. Create a Plus Minus List
To make it easier to convince yourself whether you want to resign or just bored with work, try to make a list of your strengths and weaknesses in terms of work. Also write down the values ​​you hold in your career, for example work-life balance, accountability, to teamwork. After that, you can evaluate it based on your work before making a decision.
3. Take Leaves
If you are too bored with work but not sure whether you should resign or not, try taking a few days off. Calm your mind and do what you love. Who knows, your boredom is because it took you a moment to 'run' from your work.
4. Tell to Your Closest People
If necessary, share your story with someone closest to you such as your parents, partner or close friends. Ask them for their opinion about your boredom. They may have wise opinions and provide explanations from two different sides. So that you can choose the right decision.
5. Do it Once Again with All Your Heart
Before deciding to resign, try to do your job once again with all your heart. For a moment, try to forget your boredom and enjoy your work again. Get the job done and make a commitment that it is your responsibility. After that, see the result. Are you still sure you want to resign or just bored for a moment which can actually be completed if you focus more.

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