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Do This Simple Sniff Test If You Have Lost Your Sense of Smell

By Eskanisa R

14 October 2020

Easy way to test anosmia.

Photo source: Pixabay

Groups of doctor are recommending people who lose their ability to smell and taste to isolate themselves, even if they have no other symptoms. Recently, the onset of anosmia widely reported in cases of positive COVID-19.
Alodokter defines anosmia as the partial or even complete loss of the sense of smell that leads to inability to taste your food. In some cases, anosmia caused by allergies or cold which is only temporary. But, analysis through moderate cases of COVID-19 in South Korea showed that 30 percent of its patients have lose their ability to smell and confirmed as anosmia.
As we all know, cough, high fever, and shortness of breath known medically as most common symptoms of COVID-19. Hence, it needs further examination to find out if a person who has those symptoms infected or not. And, here is the simple test you can do at home if you have lost your sense of smell lately.
As we quoted from CNN Indonesia, the easiest way to taste your ability to smell is using flavoured jelly beans. “Take a handful of jelly beans with your right hand, put in your mouth, and use other hand (left one) to hold your nose tight until you can’t let the air out.” Steven Munger said as director of Center for Smell and Taste at University of Florida.
He added, “While chewing the jelly beans, let your left hand go. If you can smell the fruit aroma and detect yet taste the flavours (for example lemon taste sour), your sense of smell and taste are normal.”

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