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Do You Like Gardening? Growing These Beneficial Medicinal Plants

By Eskanisa R

07 September 2020

Easiest medicinal plants to grow in a small space.

Photo source: Pixabay
One specific hobby seems to be budding in popularity, gardening. This pandemic surely has ignited people interest in gardening as their new hobby while remain in self-quarantine. What kind of plants you have planted? Hydroponic vegies? Organic veggies? Indoor house plants? How about medicinal plants?
As reported by Siloam Hospitals, medicinal plants can be defined as plants has rich therapeutic properties effect on human body. Consuming medicinal plants besides being beneficial for health, also has other properties to make your home more beautiful.

1. Aloe vera
The first medicinal plant, Aloe vera has vary benefits for health and beauty. Heals burn due to its cooling and soothing properties, reduce hair loss, and improves digestive health. When growing Aloe vera, first make sure to plant them in a cactus potting soil mix. Second, cut a young plant where roots begin. Third, put in the pot that has plenty or drainage holes. Because, this plant cannot tolerate standing water. Give it adequate sunlight and warmth.

2. Betel
Besides suitable for outdoor green walls, this plant known for its multipurpose benefits. Betel can be used to stop bleeding, heal burns, cut germs and neutralize toxins because the anti-fungal and antioxidant properties to also treat coughs.

3. Cat’s whiskers
This plant can grow two meters with many benefits for health called Cat’s whiskers. Its long threads resemble to cat’s whiskers. Thanks to the flavonoid in its leaves, this plant can be sued to treat allergies, infections or certain inflammatory conditions. Besides, Cat’s whiskers help reduce water retention (combine with meniran or chamber bitter), treatment for gout flares, lower cholesterol and hypertension (combine with bay leaves and celery).
Remember to always double check with your doctor before consume any medicinal plants. If you choose to grow those plants, make sure to not using any pesticides or other harmful chemicals for your plants.

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