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Cafe & Resto

Dog Friendly Café and Restaurant in Jakarta (Part I)

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20, March 2019

Here you can hanging out with your friends while playing with your doggo.

1. HaloNiko!

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In Jakarta, HaloNiko! has two branches, Lippo Plaza Mampang and West Pejaten. However, only HaloNiko! at Lippo Plaza Mampang you can visit with your doggo. This restaurant offers combination of Greek and Indonesian style to create different, unique and mouth-watering mouth food. Using fresh both Indonesian and Greece spices and herbs, every food and drinks of HaloNiko! guaranteed make you want for more and more, including their HaloNiko! Steak, tender, juicy tenderloin served with sweet potato and eggplant sauce, Sate Kangen, lamb satay served with pita bread and eggplant sauce, appetizing dessert Heaven is Here and a special drink called Es Rindu Laki.


Address: Lippo Mampang Plaza Lantai 1, Duren Tiga, Pancoran, South Jakarta

Phone: +6287880001157

Open: 8 am – 10 pm



2. Baconerie

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Want to have breakfast with your doggo? Baconerie is the perfect place! Here you can enjoy various American breakfast menu, such as Classic Egg Benedict, Candied Bacon Pancakes, Bacon & Cheese Fries, Caesar Salad and many more, all handmade. Known as one of the best dog friendly cafes in Jakarta, Baconerie also known as heaven for bacon enthusiasts. Those who love bacon will not upset with all bacon menu here. Coupled with homey yet cozy ambience, make you feel want to spend all day long.


Address: Jl. Benda Raya No. 1C, Kemang, South Jakarta

Phone: +622178838291

Open: 7 am – 7 pm

3. Turning Point Coffee

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The name of Turning Point Coffee is known for coffee enthusiasts in Serpong area. In this café, located in Ruko Golden 8, Gading Serpong, you can not only sip your favourite coffee or tea, but also hanging out with your favourite doggo. Turning Point has both indoor and outdoor area you can choose to play with doggo. Cleanliness is always maintained although you can bring your doggo along.

Turning Point Coffee

Address: Ruko Golden 8, Blok G No. 5, Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Gading Serpong, North Serpong, Tangerang

Phone: +628111099444

Open: 8 am – 9 pm (Sunday – Thursday), 8 am – 10 pm (Friday – Saturday)



Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani