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Donny Pramono From Hobby to Popularity

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21, August 2015

Who doesn’t know Sour Sally, a frozen yoghurt brand with an icon of cute little girl named Sally? Maybe you imagine the owner is a sweet and feminine woman. But nope, the creator of this brand turns out to be a man named Donny Pramono, a businessman who was graduated from Los Angeles.

His story of creating Sour Sally starts from a simple thing. When Donny was still a college student in USA, frozen yoghurt or known as froyo is one of his favorite desserts there. From this, Donny started to think of having a business related with froyo.

Starting from many researches which are often failed, but Donny didn’t give up. That’s why when Donny went back to his hometown, he started to expand his idea to a froyo business.

The name Sour Sally itself is unique enough. Sour is the description of the yoghurt taste itself. While Sally is drawn by the owner as a representation of sweet girl so when they combine, it becomes Sour Sally, which is the combination between sour and sweet taste.

Donny also does not forget to pay attention to everything that can improve his product. From color selections to packaging.

Because the market target is women, Donny chose to use fresh colors representing women such as pink and tosca green.

The hard work then paid off. Sour Sally now has more than 100 outlets in Indonesia and new menu always comes up. Even for lately, Sour Sally already has their new menu which is black froyo!

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina