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Don't do These Things when Riding Transjakarta

By Isny Dewi R

24 April 2019

Several things you should not do when riding Transjakarta.

Transjakarta has long been one of Jakarta's favourite public transportation modes. Apart from being cheap, Transjakarta is also convenient because the bus has AC, has its own lane, and there is officer on guard inside the bus. But as mass transportation, PT Transjakarta also enforces several regulations that must be obeyed in order to create mutual convenience. Here are several things you should not do when riding Transjakarta.

1. Eat, Drink, and Smoke
Those who often or at least have riding Transjakarta must have been familiar with this ban. Yes, the prohibition on eating, drinking and smoking is clearly displayed in the Transjakarta bus window. This aims to maintain cleanliness in the Transjakarta bus and create comfort for passengers. In addition, you are also prohibited from carrying pet.

2. Not Prioritizing Passengers Down
Even though you are in a hurry, you still have to put passengers who will down from the bus first, unless there are no passengers out from the bus, you can go straight into the bus. This seems trivial, but it turns out there is a reason. By putting passengers down first, there will be no jostling of passengers in the bus. You can enter the bus easier too. Usually, Transjakarta officer always urge passengers to give way to passengers down first.

3. Not Giving Seat to Priority Passengers
In the Transjakarta bus there are also order to give seat for priority passenger, including the elderly, pregnant women, mother who carry small children, and people with disabilities. In addition, there are a number of seats inside the Transjakarta bus which are specifically for priority passengers. Usually the seats are red.

If there is priority passenger who do not get a seat, the officer will immediately ask the passenger who are still productive to give their seats to priority passenger. However, it would be very wise if you are still productive to immediately provide a seat for those who need it without being asked by officers first.

4. Sit on the Floor
The Transjakarta full condition, not getting a seat, and tired body condition often make some passengers choose to sit on the floor. However, it's better not to do this. Sitting on the floor will interfere with other passengers who are standing, and smooth entry and exit of passengers. So it's better to hold it for a while. Or if the condition of your body is not possible to stand up, do not hesitate to ask for a seat to be found by the officer.

5. Chat or Call with Loud Voice
There is no prohibition to chat or call in Transjakarta. However, it is advisable not to chat or call loudly, because it can disturb the other passengers convenience.

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