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Don’t Have Much Spirit for Work While Fasting? Try These Tips!

Don’t Have Much Spirit for Work While Fasting? Try These Tips!


Fasting is a kind of worship done by Moslem people all over the world by holding hunger, thirst, and other things that can break the fast until Maghrib time. Well, by not eating or drinking, you probably will lack of spirit to do your routine because of the less energy consumed. For keep your spirit while fasting, let’s try these tips below!

1. Drink Enough Water
Drink enough water while suhur time so you will not feel dehydrated while fasting. Mineral water is good for your body because of the mineral and it also can maintain the oxygen level in your brain. Not only at suhur, you have to fulfill your mineral needs by drinking proper amount of water while fast breaking. So you will not easily feel drowsy when you are working. Also complete it with consuming healthy and nutritious meals that you can read the whole information in this article. (http://checkinjakarta.id/article/953)

2. Get Enough Sleep
To make you stay awake at the office, make sure you have enough sleep during the night. Avoid staying up too late at night and have much rest, considering your sleep time will be cut for suhur. You surely don’t want to keep yawning while working or lose your focus because of drowsiness, right?

3. Don’t See the Clock Too Much
If you like to pay attention to the clock and count the hours before Maghrib time, you will feel the time runs really slow. When you know the ifthar is still a long way to go, you will feel less excited to continue your work. So, keep your focus on the work and don’t see the clock too much just for counting down to the ifthar.

4. Make Yourself Busy
In order to make the time seems faster, you better keep focus on your activity. Don’t waste your time to think about unimportant things beside your work at that time, unless you have done all of your work. You can even work while listening to your favorite music to keep up your spirit. By making yourself busy and staying focus, your work can be finished faster, right?

5. Reduce Your Activity
While fasting, it’s better for you to cut some activities you usually do while you are not fasting. Because with a lot of activities, your body will become easily fatigue and you can automatically feel hungry or thirsty so your spirit will go down. That’s why, it’s better for you to choose the most important stuff to do and which one can be postponed. Happy fasting!