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Don't Miss Ramadan Promos at These Fast Food Restaurants!

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14, May 2019

Don't have time to breakfasting at home? How about stop by at these three fast food outlets, because they have Ramadhan promos that you can't miss!

1. Carl’s Jr
During Ramadan Carl’s Jr. offers RAMADAN DUOLICIOUS menu with prices starting from Rp. 90,909. You can choose Chicken DUOlicious or Burger DUOlicious. This package contains two burgers or two fried chickens and two rice, two Nestea, and two sundaes. For dine-in, you will also get free ta'jil every 17:30 - 18:30 WIB. Interestingly, if you order this menu via Go Food, the driver will get one burger and one bottle of tea drink. It's great right to get promo while sharing kindness.

Carl’s Jr
Instagram: @carlsjrindonesia

2. KFC

Photo Source: @kfcindonesia

During Ramadan, KFC offers Ramadan Combo menu consisting of chicken, rice, 330 ml mineral water, and free jelly and dates for takjil with prices starting from Rp 30,909.

Instagram: @kfcindonesia

3. Wendy’s
For those who plan to breakfasting together or bukber without having to spend deeply, you can choose Wendy's. This American fast food restaurant offers Puas Ramadan promo. For bukber, you can choose a package for eight with prices starting from Rp. 300,000. This package consists of four pieces of fried chicken + rice, three burgers + small fries, one baked potato broccoli n cheese, and eight tea drinks.

Photo  Source: @wendysindo  

Instagram: @wendysindo

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.