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Dos and Don’ts When Traveling in Jakarta

Dos and Don’ts When Traveling in Jakarta


Jakarta is a Metropolitan City that is always busy with its people’s activities. Despite its busyness, the city has its own charm for tourists. If this is your first time visiting Jakarta, Check In Jakarta has some tips of the dos and don’ts when traveling in Jakarta. Check these out!

1. Drink a Lot of Water
Because the weather in Jakarta tends to be moist and hot, you must drink a lot of mineral water to avoid dehydration. Do not get surprised if you are sweating upon walking at daytime. But don’t drink from the tap because tap water is not sterilized. Buy bottled water instead.

2. Depart Earlier
Time becomes an important thing you must pay attention to in Jakarta due to its heavy traffic. The traffic builds up in certain hours especially on hours to go to work and after work. If you have a meeting with client or anyone, spare more time and depart earlier to avoid the traffic jam. Or, take public transportations that won’t get stuck with traffic, such as commuter line, Transjakarta, or ojek (motorbike taxi).

3. Be Decent
The many cultures of Indonesia make so many backgrounds of the people in Jakarta. That is why you should stay decent when talking with other people, especially with people who are older. Take off your shoes when visiting a house and sacred places such as the mosque or temple. 

4. Stay Safe
Criminality is lurking everywhere, especially in a big city like Jakarta. That is why you must always be careful with your valuables. Double check the locks in your vehicle and beware of people with suspicious gestures.

1. Crossing the Road Carelessly
Although this is a common scene you might see often in Jakarta, avoid crossing the road carelessly for your own safety. It is better to cross on the zebra cross. But even though you have followed the zebra cross, you should always be aware of the vehicles passing through. 

2. Making Out in Public Places
Holding hands or holding your partner within reasonable limit is okay. But if you are crossing the line of decency, you better stop! Jakarta is part of a country with Muslim majority, so making out in public places is unacceptable. You will be center of the attention and crossing the norms of decency here.

3. Trusting People Easily
This is another thing you must be aware of whenever you are, especially if you are new in Jakarta. If you are alone and a stranger offers you anything, don’t accept it. It’s better if you have someone you really know to accompany you in Jakarta. If you don’t have anyone, avoid accepting the offers even if you are interested on it.

4. Wearing Flashy Jewelry
If you are going by public transportation, don’t wear your flashy accessories, especially for ladies. This will easily trigger criminality such as robbery or hold-up. Wear casual and comfortable outfit and shoes. If you really need to dress up, bring the flashy things in the bag and wear them once you are in a safe building or environment. You will stay safe this way. 

5. Don’t Be Easily Provoked When Driving 
If you are going with personal vehicle, be it car or motorbike, don’t get provoked so easily. Criminality can be done in so many ways, such as holding up after they crash their vehicle to yours. Or if anyone throwing eggs onto your windshield, or saying that your tire is flat—don’t pull over and curse! It is the purpose they did that to you, to wait for your reaction so they can get into their action. If you experience something like this, stay driving and stop only in a more crowded place. There are so many kinds of modus operandi criminals use to trap the victim. So, be aware!