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Artisanal Cookies with Unique Variants

By Isny Dewi R

26 November 2020

Dough Lab always creates character for each menu.

Photo source: Instagram @dough.lab
Are you a fan of cookies? If so, then you should try Dough Lab's cookies, which are known for their artisanal cookies. This outlet owned by Hana Makarim always creates character for each menu. Each cookie variant has a name and describes its taste characteristic. If you are interested in trying, you can choose three variants of Dough Lab cookies, The OG, The Diva, and The Scotch Bae.
The OG is a classic cookie with an abundance of choco chips. The texture tastes crunchy on the edges, while in the middle it tastes soft. This cookie made by Dough Lab is easy to split, but they don't crumble easily. For taste, The OG has a unique salty taste that comes from sea salt. The taste of choco chips is also not too sweet and melts when bitten. With a dominant sweetness, The OG is very suitable as a gift.
The next variant is The Diva, the most popular variant in the Dough Lab. This variant is perfect for chocolate lovers. Dusky brown in color, The Diva reflects the 'very chocolate' taste of cookie. Uniquely, this variant has a layer of flavor that comes from the use of salted caramel. You will not taste nauseous either, because the chocolate taste is not too sweet, plus the salted caramel which gives it salty, sweet, and sticky texture.
Photo source: Instagram @dough.lab
The last option, you can taste The Scotch Bae variant which is made from oatmeal and butterscotch. This cookie variant has a pretty big size, but is thinner and crunchier than the other two variants. This texture is what makes it tastes so delicious. In addition, The Scoth Bae is also dominated by the taste of brown sugar and butter.
The price of a cookie at Dough Lab starts at Rp 15,000. This outlet also offers various packages of cookie boxes with a price range of Rp 70 thousand to Rp 190 thousand. You can buy it directly at the outlet or order it through online motorcycle taxi apps, e-commerce, and WhatsApp.

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