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Doxxing and How You Can Avoid Its Dangers

By Eskanisa R

28 September 2020

This is why you should not this act lightly.

Photo source: Pixabay
Are you one of those people who make internet as a safe place to isolate yourself from real world? It seems you have to be more careful while using internet as your coping mechanism. It simply because cybercrime can happen to anyone.
Doxxing or doxing is the act of uncovering someone’s information and publishing all the information online to harass, threaten or get revenge through malicious comments and so forth. Term of doxxing itself appeared among hackers in 90s. Doxxing comes from the expression “dropping dox” as revenge tactic through exposing important information of their rivals.
Unfortunately, nowadays, doxxing used by those irresponsible (mostly anonymous) to teach someone a lesson for their ‘unbearable’ actions or words. This act can happen to any internet users.
The action which leads to online persecution are totally unacceptable because has major impact on the rest of someone’s life. Most internet users are careless with their personal information while giving subjective comments. It simply means, they leave traces that can be used by irresponsible people to do the doxxing.
Is there anything we can do to avoid the doxxing? As reported by heimdalsecurity, do not login with your Facebook or Google account. Most websites or applications are required to login using Facebook or Google. With one single click, you give them personal information on your Facebook or Google account including city you live and other important information.
Second, ensure Google do not have your any personal information. Is it possible? Google your name, delete all information you find including deactivated social media. You can also clean your Google history through  

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